Every space has an inner value. From a passing through place, the hall changes into an exclusive multi purpose open environment where to experience interaction at its best. Design, services, people and hotel innovation meet where the excellence becomes informal. Welcome, HI.



Hotels, even small and medium-sized facilities, are moving from an almost exclusively private sphere to a more public one, in which customers can choose more than just an overnight stay. It is now customary to see big hotel halls being opened up to neighbouring communities and offering services to a multitude of customers with different needs. And this trend is now being taken up by smaller hotels. The thought that many city hotels do not exploit their entrance halls other than for check-in and check-out activities, despite their prime location, was the cue for developing the “HI - Hotel Innovation” concept.

The work team

The concept was developed by a large and close-knit group of professionals: the architect Marco Acerbis handled the design development and engineering phases, while the well-known general contractor Nimar Industry saw to the fit out, partnered by the Marazzi, a leader in the production of porcelain stoneware, for the cutting and laying of large surfaces. Finally, the agency Gusto IDS looked after the visual communication, the concept naming and the project website.




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